The length of a translation is normally calculated based on the number of pages, but other criteria, such as the number of words or lines, may also be applied.

Sep 2016 Translation (Eng) of documents for Copernico srl
Jul 2016 Translation (Eng/Spa) of documents for Vision+ Onlus
Jul 2016 Translation (Eng) of issue of Zadig&Voltaire
Apr-Jul 2016 Translation (Eng) of book on LEED Certification - Rete Ambiente
Apr-May 2016 Translation (Eng) of documents for Company Communications srl
Oct 15-present Translation (Eng) of articles for the magazine Renewable Matter
Jun 13-present Translation (Eng) of documents for Clear Channel
Sep 11-present Translation (Eng) of documents of YOSALT Project for Ealing Council (London)
Sep 10-present Translation (Eng, Fr) of funds and regulations documents for Amundi Sgr (Milan)
Mar 10-present Translation (Eng) of medical focus group questionnaires for Exafield (Milan)
Jan 10-present Translation (Spa) of livestock industry articles for Semex Italia (Lodi)
Nov 08-present Translation (Fr) of international e-mails for MAP srl (Milan)
Sep 05-present Translation (Spa) of articles on plant growing for magazine published by Soft Secrets (Netherlands)
Jan 07-Sep 10 Translation (Eng, Fr) of funds and regulations documents for Caam Sgr (Milan)
Sep 07-Jul 10 Translation and transcription (Eng, Fr) for AMI - Milan Interpreters Association
May 10 Translation of documents (Eng) of CSC Italia srl's project - Assago (Milan)
Apr 10 Translation (Eng) of parts of Alex Bellini's website
Apr 10 Translation of documents (Eng): 'Asbestos Survey' for Proj.Eco Engineering srl (Milan)
Mar 07-Jun 09 Translation (Eng) of e-mails between Centro Zootecnico Zorlesco (Lodi) and Canadian Semex (Canada)
Jun 09 Translation of documents (Eng, Spa) in the framework of the ICAM European Project for the Province of Milan
May 09 Translation of financial documents (Eng) for Eurizon Capital Sgr SpA (Milan)
May 09 Translation of technical documents (Eng) for Tecnotin srl
Apr 09 Translation of documents (Fr) in the framework of the Elle&Vire's Project for Design Continuum Italia srl
Mar 09 Translation of documents (Eng) in the framework of the Heat Project for Design Continuum Italia srl
Mar 07 Translation (Fr) of Citrix's documents for Prima Pagina Servizi Editoriali srl
Jan 07 Translation (Eng) of abstracts for Derplast Service srl (Pisa)
Sep 04-Nov 06 Technical translations (Eng.Fr) for Dimsport S.r.l. of Camino (Alessandria)
Dec-Jun 04 Technical translations (Spa) for Agip España in Madrid (Netherlands)
Jul 02.03 Translation (Fr) of sections of ‘L’Etat du monde’ 2003.2004 for Edigeo Milano
Jun-Sep 02 Translation (Eng, Fr) of Pellini S.p.A.'s Technical Manual
Mar 02 Translation (Eng) of transcript of Conference ‘Air pollution’, organized by Fondazione Lombardia for the Environment
Sep-Oct 01 In-house translations for Legal Cabinet Dobson & Pinci of Milan
Jul-set 01 Translation and Editing (Eng) of short.long movies for FilmFestival 2001 (Milan) and preparation of the FilmFestival DVD
Nov 1999 Translation (Eng) of Technical Manual about Ros Measurements

Translations for several clients, such as banks, magazines and companies.

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